Karma Crowns – A Free Crown for You

Dr. Hekkert feels very fortunate to be a dentist serving the great community of Castle Rock. As his practice continues to grow, he has received many spontaneous and very positive reviews from patients. He partially attributes these great comments to the entire team's willingness to take the time to understand patients' concerns and discuss what dental care best suits your needs. 

He believes in giving back to the community in his own way. Each month, one patient is selected to receive a free "Karma Crown." It is our state-of-the-art crown, but referred to as a Karma Crown, as it is part of the goodwill Dr. Hekkert returns to his patients. 

In just one visit, in one hour, you can have a perfectly fitting crown that looks great and functions just like a natural tooth. Every active patient is eligible, meaning anyone who has had a visit to our practice in the last six months, has current X-rays, and maintains a healthy smile. 

Once you receive your free Karma Crown, all we ask is that you mention the crown and our practice to your family, friends, and colleagues. This lets a greater part of the community benefit from this opportunity.

Call us now at (720) 239-1388 to schedule your next visit and make sure you qualify for our program by staying on track.